Fun – church isn’t supposed to be boring! The Bible shows us that God loves parties and festivals. We enjoy being together and being with God. Our Sunday mornings are full of music, laughter and praise. On top of this we have a steady flow of quizzes, charity events, social outings to the beach and much more…

Relevant – church needs to be real for people. We come to church because it enriches our life and gives us purpose and guidance. The Bible is God’s word, full of advice and still relevant today. We explore God’s word, spend time in prayer and have lots of discussion – all of this is useful, indeed essential, for our everyday lives.

Caring – church is God’s way of reaching out. We want to offer God’s love to those in our community who are hurting, lonely or searching. Through our regular activities we care for people, and as individuals we want to pass God’s love on to all the people we meet.

Growing – church isn’t supposed to stand still. We want to grow our relationship with God and with each other. We want to see our community coming into relationship with God too. Our church is growing in number. We are a dynamic church, always ready to move onto God’s next mission.