Starting this year we are changing our services on a third Sunday. Cafe Church was originally designed to help us introduce our friends to Jesus in accessible ways. We hope this can still continue, but in a new and fresh way.

Third Sunday activities in 2019 will occur in a range of different settings. People will go their chosen group or activity instead of everyone going to All Saints. We are trialling a range of different activities (to meet our different needs and to access different needs in our community) for 6 months. The idea is that people will attend the same group or activity for each of the third Sundays, not a different one each month.

As this is all new it is fine to start in January with planning the session contents (to try to include ingredients of worship, teaching and learning, pastoral care, evangelism, prayer).

The groups which have sprung up so far are:

  • Thrigby Mill: A traditional Baptist style Sunday service starting at 10:30am, hosted by Pete and Trish, at their Mill. Lifts can be provided 01493 369858.
  • Pastoral Group meeting: At Richard and Anne’s house at 10:30am, to continue prayer and discussion about pastoral care.
  • Worship and Praise: At All Saints Hall at 10:30am (hosted by Lynda, Holly and Cheryl), to spend deeper time worshipping God through music. 
  • Visiting friends in care homes: Helen and Heather will be doing this.
  • Chapel Cafe Church: Starting at 10:30am in our Chapel for a time of community and praise.

If you would like more information about any of the activities on a 3rd Sunday please reach out to us via our contact form.

So, what do you feel God is calling you to do, and which friends could you ask to join you?